New BPI mobile app offers real-time, hassle-free transactions

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There’s a lot to like about the new BPI Mobile app. For starters, it has an easy-on-the-eyes interface that would put even the most jittery technophobe at ease. Its intuitive design is as straightforward as it gets. But just because the app has a minimalist look, it doesn’t mean that it’s not loaded with useful features.

QR Code Benefits

One of the BPI Mobile app’s best new features is its Quick Response (QR) Code Generator.

A QR Code is a machine-readable code that is composed of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing a variety of information that’s meant to be read by the camera on a smartphone. Just like a bank account number, the QR Code is unique for each BPI savings or checking account.

You can easily generate your own QR Code via the BPI Mobile app. After logging in, simply go to Other Services, then tap QR Generator. Choose the account number that you want to get a QR Code for. Save the QR Code in your Photo Gallery. You can now start sending it to people who need to send money to you. Similarly, those people whom you want to send money to can send their own QR Codes to you.

To transfer funds to any BPI account using this feature, tap the Transfer Money section and choose the transfer via QR Code option. You can either scan the QR Code using your camera, or import a QR Code from your phone?s photo gallery.

If you want to store new QR Codes, you can now scan them or load them to the app’s gallery even before you log in. That way, when you make the money transfer, you don’t have to search for the new codes in your phone’s gallery.

The QR Code generator and Transfer via QR Code function are also available in BPI Online, the Bank?s new online platform.

Money transfers using QR Codes are less of a hassle since the correct information is already encoded in the codes. There is no room for error. Every money transfer is done with just a single touch. Moreover, it also makes everything more secure as the account numbers being used in the transaction are not exposed.

This function also saves you from spending time queuing at the branch just to deposit funds to your friends or family. It?s a secure and convenient alternative to branch banking that enables you to transfer funds to any BPI account when you don?t have the time to visit the branch.

In the app?s recent upgrade, a Transfer via QR button was added to the home screen. This saves you a few taps and brings you straight to the page where you can transfer funds after logging in.

Fully Loaded Features

Aside from its QR Code feature, the BPI Mobile app also offers the following:

  • Account balance viewing for deposits, credit cards, prepaid cards and investments
  • Bill payments to more than 400 merchants
  • Reloading of prepaid phones (available to all networks) and utilities
  • Biometric (fingerprint/face recognition) login to instantly access your account
  • One-Time PIN or One-Time Password (OTP) security to confirm transactions

Note: All these features, except for the biometric login, are also available in BPI Online.

BPI OTP: Safety Tips

The One-Time PIN (OTP) is an added security feature that requires you to enter a unique 6-digit passcode for your online transactions. The OTP will help us authenticate your identity when you purchase online, thus minimizing the risk of potential fraud. It will be sent to your registered mobile number via SMS.

There have been incidents where scammers pose as bank employees via call or email to ask for their OTP, online banking password, and other confidential account information. If you find yourself in this situation, please do not entertain the call or email.

For your safety, here are some of the common red flags of a compromised online banking access that you should watch out for:

? You clicked on an unfamiliar link from a suspicious email and supplied your account information to the website it led you to.
? You noticed the appearance of unusual transactions in your account?s transaction history.
? You received an SMS or email notification regarding an unrecognized login or transaction in your online banking account.
? You received a call from someone claiming to be a bank employee and asking for your One-Time PIN, online banking password or other confidential account information.
? The last log-in date indicated on your online banking and mobile app account dashboards do not match your actual last log-in date.

If you have experienced any of these red flags, immediately change your online banking password and report the incident to 89-100. Always keep in mind that BPI will never ask for your One-Time PIN, online banking password, and other confidential account information through embedded forms, email links, calls, SMS or social media for any reason.

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