Want to remove something online? A PH firm can do that for you

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By Ram Christian Agustin

In this age of viral scandals and nasty fake news meant to ruin someone?s reputation, a newly established local tech firm is offering a ?content removal? service that can scrape off any bad or incriminating content in the Internet.

Simply known as Internet Removals Philippines, the company is the local subsidiary of an Australia-based content removal agency which has been operating since 2011.

Internet Removals said it has been providing “reputation management services” against illegal online publications that bring high-level damages to individuals and organizations.

Over the last eight year, Internet Removals said it has serviced over 32 countries and removed over 55,421 URLs from search engines like Google and Yahoo.

The company has been responsible for the recovery of more than a thousand private clients and corporations from a myriad of online dilemmas which include negative or spam reviews, revenge porn, doxxing, film piracy, counterfeiting, impersonation, and unauthorized social media pages.

Rose Christine Velasco, managing partner of Internet Removals Philippines, said in a press briefing that the company has a very important role to play in this age where ?everything can easily be published.?

She said the firm?s highly accurate and sophisticated content monitoring system can identify and alert clients to digital mentions of them from third-party websites, search engines, social media sites, and other online platforms.

?This service aims to benefit private citizens or corporations concerned about their image and reputation,? Velasco said.

In the Philippines, revenge porn or scandals are proliferated rampantly through social media, more so if a celebrity or person of significance is involved. The possession of the material may also be used by the perpetrators to blackmail the subjects into performing other sex acts, to coerce them into continuing the relationship, or to punish them for ending the relationship.

The company can also remove content from various review platforms, which usually serve as a feedback tool that is designed to let businesses know how to improve their products. However, since they require very little verification, it can easily be infiltrated by defamatory or misleading reviews from former business partners, disgruntled staff, and competitors among others.

Internet Removals said it removes content by preparing and lodging a content removal application to Google on behalf of the client’s local Google extension, seeking to de-index the content found in a particular URL from Google search results. They will then manage all correspondence with Google and/or a third-party platform in relation to the client’s content removal application.

The company offers two types of service: a standard one and a comprehensive one. The standard service has a timeframe of up to three months of content removal application management from date of lodgment of original application while the comprehensive service offers up to six months. The comprehensive one also has an additional content removal for resurfacing content on the same platform at no further cost given that it is within the six months of de-indexing/removal.

Successful applications will result in the content being removed by Google which renders the content inaccessible via searches through the local Google extension.

“We’re excited to extend the service and make that service known to people so they’ll know exactly how to bring back the good reputation they once had,” added Velasco.

To know more about their services, you may visit them at www.internetremovals.ph or by sending an e-mail to rose@internetremovals.ph. Additionally, interested parties can send a text message or call +639774432018.

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