PLDT says Internet service will still be up during 5-day maintenance

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Slower Internet service may be experienced by PLDT-Smart subscribers as part of the telco’s international cable system undergoes a five-day emergency maintenance activity starting Saturday, Sept. 26.

PLDT said they were informed by the operator of the trans-Pacific submarine cable system Asia-America Gateway or AAG that the submarine cables in the waters of Hong Kong will be affected.

Contrary to what some subscribers may have thought, PLDT maintained there will be continued Internet service during the maintenance period.

“We wish to assure our customers of continued connectivity, as we have alternative cable systems to keep our services going during this maintenance period of AAG,” PLDT said in a statement.

The company said it has invested in expanding the capacity of existing and new international submarine cable systems such as the Jupiter Cable and the Asia Direct Cable systems “to provide redundancy to ensure continuous service in situations like this.”

“PLDT assures its customers that measures, such as traffic rerouting and local caching, are already in place to minimize this activity’s impact, and to ensure that communication and internet services remain available to PLDT and Smart subscribers,” the telco said.

PLDT said that a slowdown may, however, be experienced if there is an Internet spike beyond the traffic of the past weeks during peak hours.

The AAG is a 20,000-km submarine cable system connecting Southeast Asia with the United States, via Guam and Hawaii.

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