4 millennial founders put up startup to offer ‘crowdsourced’ data research services

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Four millennials recently put up a startup to enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enjoy affordable data research services.

Hustle-ph.com founders (from top, left) Jason Gaguan, Celine Yap, Kevin Cena, and Ferdinand Perez

“That is when the group thought of creating Hustle.ph so that it can be used for data gathering,” Jason Gaguan, chief commercial officer and co-founder of Hustle-ph.com said in a recent webinar.

He said Hustle.ph will be using crowdsourcing as the main method in collating data for a certain client. For the “Hustler,” he or she will only need a smartphone and an Internet connection to do the job of monitoring or a market reach. The app can be downloaded either through IoS or Google Play.

Other co-founders of Hustle-ph.com are Celine Yap, chief product officer; Kevin Cena, chief product officer, and Ferdinand Perez, chief executive officer.

Gaguan told Newsbytes.PH in an interview they saw the need to put up the startup as they have observed local SMEs are facing a huge challenge in their business planning and market analyses as they don’t have adequate information to help them.

He said the app allows a user to locate all available missions near him or her which will take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to accomplish. “Whether you need some extra money to go out or a second income, we try to make as many missions available to you,” Gaguan said.

By tapping into the Hustle.ph network of app users who are on location, Perez said a user can provide real-time data that a client needs to deliver fast decisions.

Whether its in-store execution, competitor check, or even promotional effectiveness, Perez said Hustle is the most flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for agile trade intelligence.

“For instance, our client asked an update on how their product is performing against competing brands in a grocery in a certain barangay, a ‘Hustler’ can shoot a video on how consumers are patronizing the product,” Cena said.

He said that instead of engaging in gossip and playing card games, people can now be productive and earn money by being a “Hustler.”

Yap said Hustle-ph.com offers affordable rates for interested clients. By offering much lower rates than the major companies, she said the app can reach out more markets.

“We are here to disrupt the data and insights gathering industry through our democratizing data acquisition through our platform. Our goal is to give fast, reliable and cheap data to companies, big and small,” Yad said.

Gaguan said their goal is to give 100,000 Filipinos earning opportunities by the first quarter of 2021.

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