Monday, July 22, 2024
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Oppo announces Sarah Geronimo limited-edition smartphone

The Sarah Geronimo Limited Edition features the actress? signature at the back of the black Oppo F3 and bundled with a package.

Oppo paints F3 black, adds A57 to its selfie portfolio

Black will be the F3's third suit along with Gold and Rose Gold, and will hit the stores nationwide on June 16.

REVIEW | Oppo F3 selfie smartphone

Designed to cater to group pictures, the F3's dual front camera technology invites the idea of trashing the selfie stick to capture the whole gang without getting cropped.

Oppo rolls out F3, its latest selfie smartphone, in PH

The Oppo F3 is the smaller version of the recently-launched Oppo F3 Plus, sporting a wide-angled front camera to capture "groufies" without the need of a selfie stick.
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