Thursday, July 18, 2024
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REVIEW | Oppo F9 smartphone

With a big 6.3-inch screen, flagship grade 6 GB memory, and a hefty 3500 mAh battery, coupled with its custom VOOC fast-charge, the F9 has a lot to offer.

Oppo PH unveils F9 ‘Starry Purple’ in new flagship store

nspired from the night sky studded with twinkling stars, the F9 Starry Purple's back cover starts from a glossy indigo at the top and seamlessly transitions to a deep purple finish downwards.

Oppo PH unveils F9 smartphone with VOOC Flash Charge

Oppo F9, whose key features are breakthroughs in charging, design photography, and consumer experience, is said to elevate the standards of the smartphone device.
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