Monday, July 22, 2024
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Global data regulators tag contact tracing as top challenge in Covid era

NPC chair Raymund E. Liboro said that a survey it conducted showed that contact tracing and location tracking ranked as the most pressing privacy issue for many jurisdictions and organizations globally.

NPC’s Liboro to lead GPA webinar on contact tracing tech of Apple, Google

The Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) Covid-19 Taskforce, headed by NPC chair Raymund Liboro, is hosting its first webinar on "Contact Tracing and the Apple and Google Solution: In Conversation with the Technical Specialists" on Monday, July 6.

NPC chief to lead UK-based global privacy group’s Covid-19 taskforce

Europe-headquartered Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) has announced that NPC chair Raymund Liboro will lead a Covid-19 Taskforce that will drive practical responses to privacy issues emerging from the pandemic.
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