Sunday, July 14, 2024
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BI detains 14 foreigners involved in cybercrime

The BI arrested the 9 Taiwanese and 5 Chinese nationals after learning they had posted bail and were about to be released from the Las Pi?as City Jail.

Four TRC execs received kickbacks in pork barrel scam

The National Bureau of Investigation indicted on Monday the chief of the Technology Resource Center and his predecessor, as well as two other employees of the agency, accusing of them of taking kickbacks for projects coursed through the TRC using the Priority Development Assistance Fund of legislators.

Gov?t warns against stem cell products sold online

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has alerted the public on the sale of fake stem cell-based products online, saying these items could be unsafe and dangerous.

BI scraps requirement for printed tickets; will accept e-tickets instead

Reflecting the global trend in international travel, immigration personnel at the country?s international airports will no longer require travelers to present printed copies of their onward or return tickets. Instead, passengers can just show their electronic tickets or e-tickets that can be viewed via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

New CEO bares bold plan to ?mobilize? Intel

New Intel CEO Brian Krzanich laid out the company?s vision and described how Intel is addressing each market segment ? such as accelerating Intel?s progress in ultra-mobile devices ? with new products over the next year and beyond, including a lower-power product family.

BI bars airport staff from using mobile phones

BI chief Siegfred Mison says regulating the use of communication devices is necessary to prevent the employees from engaging in nefarious activities such as human trafficking and smuggling.

First PH software industry confab set this Oct. will feature a whole-day conference with opening and closing plenary sessions, four breakout sessions, and one exhibition hall where the PSIA will showcase Filipino startups.

HP targets local retail sector with new solutions

HP's portfolio of retail-focused products and services can enable retailers achieve omni-channel retailing, which is the ability to provide a seamless experience across multiple customer touch points within their stores.
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