Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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On-demand service app MyKuya expanding into Luzon provinces

The MyKuya team said the expansion in Luzon can set the stage for eventual foray into both Visayas and Mindanao, where the company believes the potential to generate opportunities is huge.

Home-service app MyKuya extends lifeline to workers affected by Covid-19

MyKuya provides personal assistants for its users who are billed by the hour. These assistants can perform messenger services, personal assistance, house cleaning, delivery of groceries, queuing up, and even distributing flyers or “flyering”.

Services app MyKuya seeks biz partners with motorcycles

On-demand services app MyKuya, which has seen a 300% rise in requests since the announcement of the lockdown in Metro Manila, said businesses with motorcycles can join the platform as an enterprise partner.

MyKuya launches to connect consumers, firms to on-demand service personnel

MyKuya matches consumers and businesses in need of help to the right service personnel to fulfill the task.
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