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Newsbytes.PH is an ICT news website that is owned and operated by Newsbytes Philippines, a duly registered company in the country.

We are guided by this simple principle: If there’s an ICT news that needs to be known by the public, we will report it — no matter what or who is involved. This is our contract with our readers.

This site will strive to bring to local readers all the ICT news and information relevant to the Philippines. We seek to cover the whole ICT spectrum — from consumer to the enterprise. We focus and pour all our resources on the ICT industry as our site is not just a token section on technology of a general news outfit.

As a new media company, Newsbytes.PH editors upload and break stories as they come — without the need to wait for the next day or for the print version to come out. Our stories also sometimes incorporate links that make online reading more interactive and enjoyable compared to traditional “dead tree” publications.

We’re here for the long haul as ICT journalism is our passion and commitment.


Melvin G. Calimag, Esq.
Executive Editor

Ram Superable Agustin
Joel Pinaroc

Mary Jane P. Tadili
Angelica de Leon
Senior Correspondents

Ajay Joseph
Gadgets Reviewer

Marlon C. Magtira
Technical Editor/Site Administrator

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