Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Bee nests inspire UP scientists to make new ‘smart’ materials

Filipino researchers are investigating ways to create porous materials that not only mimic the strengths of beehives but are also able to selectively trap microparticles.

Alibaba Cloud to power Asian Games core systems

Alibaba Cloud’ will support the first “Asian Games on the Cloud,” to facilitate more intelligent and efficient Asian Games, to be held in Hangzhou, the company’s headquarters, from September 23 to October 8.

Fintech growth in PH a double-edged sword, says SEC commissioner

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) commissioner Kelvin Lee said the explosion of fintech firms has brought financial inclusion to a greater number of Filipinos but has also produced hordes of scammers who have exploited the vulnerabilities inherent in the technology and its users.

SciCommPH, Searca sign MOU to promote S&T

SciCommPH and Searca will collaborate in promoting S&T as a game-changer in social and economic development by highlighting its relevance and practical use by Filipinos.

Tagbilaran initiates hi-tech pet tagging via microchips

The microchip is implanted in cats and dogs through an injection to prevent it from getting damaged. It could be removed using minor surgical operations.

SMC picks 115 new engineers for upcoming MRT-7 project

The new graduates — mostly coming from Polytechnic University of the Philippines’s (PUP) Railway Engineering Program which is the only specialized program of its kind in the country — have already started their training in the country while 40 cadets who topped evaluation tests were sent to South Korea to train under its national railway operator, Korail, also SMC’s partner in the MRT-7 project.

‘Balik scientist’ amazed on PH advances in 3D printing

AM or 3D printing technology was first introduced in the 1980s, and has significantly advanced in recent years.

DOST develops mobile app for maritime safety

The project will be powered by Sea-condition Emergency Alert and Warning Apparatus for Vessels Safety (SEAWAVeS), a mobile application installed in a device like an Android phone for improved safety and efficient maritime transport systems and services.

UP mathematicians develop AI-powered Baybayin translator

The team developed an algorithm to convert a photograph of a set of text into binary data, which is then run through a support vector machine (SVM) character classifier to automatically determine whether the characters are Baybayin or Latin.

Is AI about to upend PH journalism, education sectors? Experts give their take

The Philippine Communication Society (PCS), in partnership with TVUP, recently organized a series of talks aimed at demystifying AI and explaining how it may change the local media, communication, and education fields.

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