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Honasan quits post as DICT chief to run as senator

The most prominent issue to come out of Honasan’s two-year run as DICT head was when former undersecretary Eliseo M. Rio Jr. resigned from his post in February 2020 and questioned the disbursements of P300 million in agency’s confidential funds.

Pinoy-made cube satellites released to space from ISS

The Philippines marked another milestone in its nascent space industry as Maya-3 and Maya-4, the country’s first university-built cube satellites (CubeSats), were released to space from the International Space Station (ISS) on October 6, 2021 at 5:20 in the afternoon.

Smart asks NTC to clarify GOMO’s delay in MNP compliance

Smart Communications has questioned the advisory sent by GOMO, a mobile service provider operated by Globe, that mobile number portability is not yet available for its subscribers despite the effectivity of the MNP law on Sept. 30.

BSP, payments industry to unveil QR standard for person-to-merchant

The BSP and payments industry are also collaborating on implementing the PesoNet Multiple Batch Settlement (MBS) by year end; establishing an interoperable bills payment facility by early 2022; and rolling out the request-to-pay facility by Q2 2022.

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