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Data protection: Lessons learnt from 2020 and the trends to look out for in 2021

Huawei hopeful to gain back trust with renewed awareness on data protection

In particular, Huawei revealed the changes in the working environment as well as the emerging security and data protection challenges. Through a virtual webinar entitled “Data protection: Lessons learnt from 2020 and the trends to look out for in 2021,” the company also tackled the predictions for the privacy world that will materialize this year.

BOC hits 2020 goal to fully automate frontline transactions

The BOC said it reached its 100-percent accomplishment rate on fully automating its frontline services by allowing the online submission of documents through its Customer Care Portal System, upgrading its electronic-to-mobile (E2M) system to computerize manual processes, and accepting online payment options like PayMaya.

BSP execs to respond to Ombudsman case on national ID system

According to the complaint filed at the Office of the Ombudsman, the BSP violated the Government Procurement Reform Act (GPRA) when it required a specific brand — OVD Kinegram AD — for the materials to be used in the cards.

Dell Technologies 5G prediction

Dell predicts rise in 5G enterprise use cases for 2021

Dell Technologies recently hosted a virtual conference called “Perspectives – 2021 and beyond” to talk about the top IT priorities of organizations, as well as the technology trends that the region can expect this year and beyond.

Solon calls for video recording of police custodial interviews

Cebu representative Eduardo Gullas has called for the video recording of police custodial interrogations of “persons of interest” and suspects, saying it is already standard practice in other countries, particularly in grave felonies.

LGUs told: Set up ‘e-biz one-stop shop’ before June 17

The Anti-Red Tape Authority reminded LGUs to automate their transactions before June 17, 2021, by putting up the electronic Business One-Stop Shop or e-BOSS, which uses the Electronic Business Permitting and Licensing System or eBPLS developed by the DICT to allow the public to perform government transactions online.

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