Sunday, May 26, 2024
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AI-driven cyberthreats demand new defense strategies, says cybersecurity firm

The infamous "Nigerian Prince" scams are a relic of the past, characterized by poor grammar and outright deception. Trend Micro said cybercriminals are now using AI to craft more convincing, individualized messages on a massive scale, blending mass delivery with focused messaging strategies.

Report reveals cyber resiliency maturity low among Asean firms

A report from tech firm Commvault, which includes insights from organizations across six Southeast Asian countries including the Philippines, has revealed significant challenges in data recovery and cyber resilience amid growing threats and data sprawl.

Report: 76 million malicious URLs accessed in PH in 2023

Trend Micro said it blocked 161 billion threats overall in 2023, compared to 82 billion threats five years ago. Some of the key global findings include:

Google reports surge in apps scams in Asia Pacific

The 2023 Google Bad Apps Report, which provides a yearly update on Google’s fight against malicious actors, developers, and their apps, was released last week and the findings held bad tidings for the Asia Pacific region.

PH Navy website down as Balikatan military exercises get underway

It is currently unknown to the public whether the website is under maintenance, experiencing unspecified technical issues, or undergoing a cyberattack.

Cybersecurity firm unveils study of SME vulnerabilities in Asia Pacific

Blackpanda, a Singapore-headquartered digital forensics and cybersecurity firm founded by a former member of the US Army Special Forces, has released its first proprietary study analyzing cyber security vulnerabilities in SMEs across the Asia Pacific region.

SE Asia plagued with ransomware menace in 2023 — Kaspersky

Ransomware targeting businesses in SEA last year was highest in Thailand with 109,315 incidents blocked by Kaspersky.

Google took down over 5.5 billion malicious ads in 2023

Internet giant Google recently reported that it removed and blocked over 5.5 billion “bad” ads in 2023, up from 2022 and an initiative that was optimized by the power of generative AI.

NPC says DOST hack exposed data of employees   

Initial findings indicate that the breach includes the personal data of approximately 597 data subjects, all of whom are employees of DOST.

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