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iTHINK | Has social media warped free speech?

In these times when things can be broadcast to the world with just a few finger taps, it becomes even more important for us to pause and take time to verify things or even to reflect on our own motivations.

iTHINK | Herd immunity: Every shot matters

While social media and the Internet have been wonderful in creating a platform for all opinions to be expressed, I still think that not all opinions are created equal – especially in matters involving technical expertise.

INCOGNITO | Use photos responsibly

Are there legal remedies available to a person whose “intimate photo” while dining at a restaurant is posted in a social media platform accompanied by a “derisive caption”?

BLOG | Empowering Asean software publishers with cloud capabilities

If 2020 was the year where technology laggards are finally acknowledging the need for a digital business model, 2021 will be the year where we will see businesses learning from lessons the past year had taught us and embrace cloud-based applications more proactively to keep their operations running.

BLOG | What trends has WFH model brought to urban-living?

When planning a living environment, developers need to provide people with infrastructure, create opportunities for communication and leisure, enhance a sense of community and invest in human development and health.

INCOGNITO | A most unwelcome request

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has remained tight-lipped on the issue of the controversial “request” of the Calbayog City Police Station asking for the names of lawyers representing “Communist Terrorist Group (CTG) personalities”.

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