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REVIEW | realme 10 midrange smartphone 

The realme 10 is an update, not an upgrade, and whether its fresh looks and select new hardware necessitates launching a new smartphone model is definitely up for debate.

REVIEW | vivo V25e midrange flagship smartphone  

When it comes to aesthetics, it is undeniable that the vivo V25e looks more expensive than it actually is. This value for design, however, comes with a few tradeoffs: from the mediocre cameras, middling processor performance, and lacklustre display. For P5000 more, performance users should take a look at the standard V25, while content creators should consider the flagship V25 Pro priced at P29,999.  

REVIEW | Huawei Nova 10 new premium smartphone

In 2022, it is difficult to recommend a premium smartphone that does not have 5G connectivity, and the continued absence of Google Mobile Services may seem restrictive and inconvenient for the average user. While it is marketed by Huawei as an excellent selfie shooter, the front-facing cameras are mostly feature-rich, and it’s actually the rear cameras that redeem the device. As an all-rounder main driver, however, the Nova 10 packs a sterling combination of processing power, imaging performance, vivid display, and battery life. 

REVIEW | Poly Voyager enterprise Bluetooth headsets 

There’s no doubt that both the Poly Voyager Focus 2 and 4320 UC are excellent enterprise headsets primed for hybrid work use. While the premium Voyager Focus 2 boasts superb audio driver and microphone performance, the 4320 UC provides a more affordable proposition for businesses, albeit a few compromises. 

REVIEW | Fujitsu CH Intel Evo-powered OLED lighweight laptop

If you’re looking for an elevated traditional laptop experience with the latest bells and whistles, the Fujitsu CH OLED laptop is not for you. This compact portable, however, packs a decent punch without taking on more than it can chew, and will definitely surprise Fujitsu fans with how much functionality and performance is crammed into one modest business laptop that embodies true “anytime and anywhere” use. 

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