Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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LTE takes spotlight in media election coverage

Instead of using bulky TV cameras backed by conventional transmission equipment, broadcast reporters, and social media "mobile journalists" used smartphones powered by LTE service.

Cebuano, 4 other languages added to Google Translate

Google Translate now supports the Cebuano language and four others (Bosnian, Hmong, Javanese, and Marathi), reaching a milestone of more than 70 languages hosted.

Pinoy-made tsunami detection system to be installed in Subic

The DOST is preparing for the installation of locally developed tsunami detection system at Sueste Point in Subic Bay within the territorial jurisdiction of SBMA.

PH gov’t makes aggressive push for ‘e-bamboo’

To ensure the quality of "e-bamboo" or engineered bamboo made in the Philippines, the DOST?s Forest Products Research and Development Institute or FPRDI has started to develop manufacturing standards for e-bamboo products, especially floor tiles.

PH displays ‘digital wood moisture meter? in Iran exhibit

The digital wood moisture meter is a device that reads the moisture content, particularly of Philippine wood species. It was built using local parts and is P10,000 to 15,000 cheaper than imported meters at only P5,500 per unit.

SPARC technology marks 25th year

More than two decades ago, SPARC and Oracle Solaris combined to give birth to an enterprise computing system that offered better performance, availability, and scalability than anything the competition had to offer.

Sensor-based tsunami warning system to be set up in Corregidor

The sensors at the tsunami detection site communicate all signals to alerting sirens using GSM-communication developed by the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI).

Put your PC on a New Year?s diet

A slow, bloated computer can lead to frustration and less time doing the things you love -- definitely a problem if you've resolved to stress less and spend more time on hobbies and with loved ones in the New Year.

For Mother’s Day, Pinoys turning to Internet for ideas

With Mother?s Day coming up fast, a look at searches conducted on shows that the Internet is the go-to destination for Pinoys looking for information and gift ideas.

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