Thursday, July 18, 2024
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ABI Research

Wearable market will see 344.9-million shipments in 2022: report

According to a recent study from analyst firm ABI Research, the number of wearables shipped worldwide in 2020 increased to 259.63 million, with sports, fitness, and wellness trackers accounting for 112.15 million and smartwatches 74.30 million.

Report: Maturing ecosystem driving EVs toward mainstream

According to analyst firm ABI Research, electric vehicle (EV) sales will move from 7% of total new vehicle shipments in 2021 to 19% in 2027.

5G deployments to reach 2.6 billion subscriptions in 2026

Despite a slight decline in the worldwide mobile subscriber base resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile network operators across different markets continue to expand 5G network deployments.

Virtual reality market revenues to surpass $56 billion by 2026

Interest is slowly returning for public usage in arcades and other experiences, while home use remains a stable growth area, especially in VR gaming.

Chip shortage impact looms over payment cards industry

It has been well documented that the entire semiconductor industry is currently going through a high level of uncertainty as demand for chips continues to far exceed all expectations across all industry segments.

Global e-passport market won’t reach pre-Covid levels until 2024: report

According to analyst firm ABI Research, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the worldwide shipments of e-passports to drop from 192 million in 2019 to 116 million in 2020.

23 billion IoT connections to present new threat vectors by 2026: report

But, research firm ABI Research said the looming security gaps offer at the same time a tremendous revenue potential for players in IoT security.

Smart home industry leaving billions in data revenues untapped: report

Despite a decade of annual double-digit growth, the smart home market will remain stymied without significant development of its richest resource – smart home intelligence.

Report: Ban on Chinese vendors will delay global 5G rollout by several years

According to new research by analyst firm ABI Research, excluding Huawei from deployments will delay the 5G rollout by several years and burden network operators with additional costs of several billion dollars to replace existing infrastructure.

5G smartphone price points will drop to $200 in 2021: analyst

The accelerated migration of 5G to lower-tier smartphones will have a knock-on effect on Average Selling Prices (ASPs) and the market’s overall profitability.
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