Sunday, July 14, 2024
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abuse of dominance

Smart joins fray, says DITO’s complaint at PCC meant to avoid penalty for fraudulent calls

In a statement on Tuesday, Aug. 8, Smart Communications vice president for regulatory affairs Roy Ibay said DITO’s complaint is diversionary tactic to escape liability on the fines imposed by the government for its fraudulent voice traffic.

DITO files complaint against Globe, Smart for abuse of dominance

DITO has filed a complaint before the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) against Globe Telecom and Smart Communications for their alleged abuse of their market dominance through interconnection woes.

In landmark ruling, PCC says condo firms can’t impose single Internet provider

Marking the closure of the first abuse of dominance case in the country, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has disallowed the exclusive deal between Urban Deca Homes and its in-house Internet service provider (ISP) “Fiber to Deca Homes”. The condo firm must also pay a fine of P27.11 million within 30 days.
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