Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Accenture opens generative AI studio in PH

Accenture said it sees widespread adoption in the workplace of key technologies such as AI, immersive artificial environments, and human-machine interfaces with more “human-like” and “human-centric” qualities.

Accenture: 98% of firms see business impacts of AI

Accenture said workers need not “fear” AI, despite concerns that it will eventually replace humans in the workplace.

Study: Aligning cybersecurity to biz objectives drives revenue growth

Accenture’s State of Cyber Resilience 2023 report revealed key traits of “cyber transformers,” who make cybersecurity the cornerstone of their business transformation efforts.

Accenture reveals plan to invest $3 billion on AI

The company said it will double AI talent to 80,000 people through hiring, acquisitions, and training.

Accenture says ‘generative AI’ will combine physical, digital realms

Accenture’s latest report, which was unveiled during the recently concluded Accenture Technology Vision 2023 highlight event, shows that generative AI and other rapidly evolving technologies are precursors to the new norm for businesses where physical and digital worlds converge.

Hackathon for young female coders names winners

An application that promotes proper waste segregation and disposal called “scr/app” emerged victorious at the week-long hackathon competition organized by youth-led organization “The Purposeful Mochii” and hosted by Accenture Philippines at the Philippine Innovation Hub in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

YEARENDER | Accenture report: AI, tokenization will shape society

From learning to live in permacrisis to increasingly seeking to belong in online communities to missing work’s intangible benefits and using emerging technology such as AI to accelerate creativity, the landscape of day-to-day life has been greatly altered, the report said.

Accenture PH opens new facility to grow Japanese digital services

Accenture Philippines' Japan Zone aims to provide cloud, AI, blockchain, and other technology solutions, in addition to operations expertise.

AI could save $17B for global insurance industry by 2027: report

Accenture looked at upcoming challenges to the international insurance industry, and how emerging computing technologies could affect the playing field.

Report: BPO industry needs to create more inclusive environment for women

In celebration of the International Women’s Month, tech outsourcing giant Accenture recently shared key findings of a research it commissioned titled “Better to Belong” that examined the different workplace experiences of women in the local information technology and business process management (IT-BPM) industry.
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