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PCC favors motorcycles as public transport, ‘multi-homing’ approach

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) on Friday, January 24, officially threw its support behind the use of motorcycle (MC) taxis as a mode of public transportation and the adoption of a “multi-homing” policy to allow drivers to choose which platform to offer their services.

TWG on motorcycle taxis sends mixed signals on pilot run

Despite getting heavily criticized by lawmakers during the Senate hearing on Monday, Jan. 20, the Technical Working Group (TWG) on motorcycle taxis appears firm on its position to terminate its pilot test and apprehend riders from motorcycle-riding apps.

Mandaluyong RTC denies ‘Angkas’ petition for another TRO

A Mandaluyong City RTC has denied the petition filed “Angkas” for another TRO on the issuance of a permanent injunction on the implementation of the revised guidelines for the pilot implementation of motorcycle taxis.

Gov’t calls Angkas ‘two-faced’ as feud continues

This after Angkas filed a petition before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court asking for the issuance of a temporary restraining order against the imposition of a cap on the number of participating riders in the government’s pilot run on the use of motorcycles as taxis, and the apprehension of “excess riders” as stated in the program’s revised guidelines.

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