Monday, May 27, 2024
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Apple grabs top spot in smartphone market in 2023

A sort of shifting of power at the top of the largest consumer electronics market was driven by an all-time high market share for Apple and a first time at the top.

Power Mac Center starts pre-orders for iPhone 15

Apple reseller Power Mac Center (PMC) has opened pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series, which includes the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Power Mac Center spotlights music using Apple devices

Apple premium reseller Power Mac Center (PMC) celebrated its 29th year by staging a series of live audio-digital crossover experiences featuring OPM icons and emerging artists.

Smartphone market grows 13.2% in Q2 as Xiaomi overtakes Apple at No. 2

With Huawei shipments continuing to decline and the recent announcement that LG is exiting the smartphone business, market share is up for grabs.

Fueled by unprecedented demand, tablet shipments return to growth in 2020

Impacted by the pandemic, the tablet market reached shipment levels not seen since the fourth quarter of 2017 when the total was 49.9 million.

Apple dethrones Samsung as top smartphone vendor in Q4 of 2020

Tech titan Apple delivered a phenomenal performance in 4Q20, returning to the number 1 position with 90.1 million devices shipped, driven by the success of the iPhone 12 series.

Shipments of wearable devices leap to 125M units, up 35.1% in Q3

The surge was driven by seasonality, new product launches, and the global pandemic. New products from the likes of Apple, Samsung, and others helped renew interest in popular categories such as smartwatches and hearables.

AMD intros new GPUs for updated 27-inch iMac

AMD is debuting its latest GPU offering lineup in tandem with the reveal of the refreshed 27-inch iMac, which Apple dubs the “most powerful and capable iMac” to date. The Radeon Pro 5000 GPUs will bring in more efficient transistors, GDDR6 memory, and RDNA architecture, all elements focusing on content creation.

Global tablet shipments continue to decline in Q4 2019

For the full year 2019, the tablet market shrank 1.5% year-over-year as global shipments totaled 144 million units.

Apple takes top spot in Q4 as Huawei rises to number 2 globally for 2019

Samsung managed to maintain the top spot for the full year 2019. Despite Huawei's ongoing challenges outside of China and a notable drop in 4Q19 shipments, it did manage to overtake Apple for the number 2 position overall in 2019.
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