Asia Pacific ride-hailing apps go on steroids to offer ‘super apps’

In the Asia-Pacific region – the largest ride-hailing market in the world, having completed over 70% of global ride-hailing trips – vendors Grab and Go-Jek are expanding into so-called ‘super apps’ which serve as a go-to-marketplace for numerous on-demand services.

PH leads forum as Asean moves to harmonize privacy rules

The Asean took a major step in harmonizing regional data protection, privacy regulations, and initiatives by launching the first Asean Data Protection and Privacy Forum in Bangkok, Thailand with the Philippines at the helm.

Smartphone shipments in PH declined in 2017, says IDC

The Philippines and Myanmar were the only countries to record a decline, where some of the vendors? shipments have reduced significantly ? pulling down the total shipments in Southeast Asia.

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