Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Future-proofing BPOs requires workers’ willingness to upgrade skills: expert

Future-proofing the Philippine workforce ? especially in the BPO industry ? requires collaboration between the government and the sector itself. But the most crucial by far is the willingness of the workers to upgrade their skills.

Local IT industry workers to reach 200,000 by 2022

Workers employed by the information technology (IT) subsector of the Philippines? business process outsourcing industry are expected to rise.

Fujitsu exec: Skills upgrade needed to future-proof PH workers

Re-training should be done every three to five years because what workers were doing five years ago might not be the same in another five years.

Filipinos should embrace — not fear — AI, expert says

A top investment executive said AI can be leveraged to train people better for the long term, especially in the light of the projected job losses, especially in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

UP team wins AI-themed campus competition organized by Accenture PH

The fourth Accenture Technology Campus Challenge seeks to assist Filipino students who have developed the best artificial intelligence (AI) solution that can help improve human experience and interaction.

AI may soon take over BPO jobs in PH, DOST execs says

Even if the Philippines doesn?t do anything, new innovations from AI, data science, and space technology will eventually become the norm, the DOST official said during the meeting at the WVSU.

Remittances, BPOs helped Shopee make 2016 its banner year

Online shopping platform Shopee said 2016 was its banner year, thanks to remittances which boosted personal consumption spending and revenues from the business process outsourcing sector.

PH must embrace tech disruption, innovation to stay competitive

To meet these digital challenges and take the first step towards digital transformation, businesses big and small must select the right partner to work with.
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