Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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call centers

PH contact center sector poised for rebound this 2021

The growth of the country’s contact center sector is expected to outpace global growth in 2021, according to an outlook released by the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP).

Signs of recovery seen as BPO office demand grows 160%

The Philippine office market appears ready to take off and resume its pre-pandemic growth trajectory, according to a study by Leechiu Property Consultants (LPC).

First on Newsbytes.PH | Google replaces call center in PH after P60-M scam

Internet giant Google has confirmed that it pulled out an outsourced work from the Cebu operations of BPO firm Sykes after a few employees were caught converting online gift cards into bitcoins.

Contact center industry expects to bounce back in H2

The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) said while it is undeniable the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the volume of calls from industries such as airlines and tourism, business volume continues to grow in online retail and logistics as there are more people now ordering online.

Software CEO says AI-human combo will drive industry’s future

According to Genesys CEO Tony Bates, the blended approach will thrive despite the industry projections of automation completely overturning human interactions.

BPO growth will fuel demand for network solutions, US firm says

With call centers increasingly being ?transformed into data centers,? the BPO sector?s reliance on critical infrastructure will grow, Harry Woo, managing director and SVP of Panduit for Asia Pacific, explained.

Future-proofing BPOs requires workers’ willingness to upgrade skills: expert

Future-proofing the Philippine workforce ? especially in the BPO industry ? requires collaboration between the government and the sector itself. But the most crucial by far is the willingness of the workers to upgrade their skills.

Local IT industry workers to reach 200,000 by 2022

Workers employed by the information technology (IT) subsector of the Philippines? business process outsourcing industry are expected to rise.

Fujitsu exec: Skills upgrade needed to future-proof PH workers

Re-training should be done every three to five years because what workers were doing five years ago might not be the same in another five years.

AI may soon take over BPO jobs in PH, DOST execs says

Even if the Philippines doesn?t do anything, new innovations from AI, data science, and space technology will eventually become the norm, the DOST official said during the meeting at the WVSU.
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