Thursday, July 25, 2024
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credit card

5-million Pinoys victims of identity theft, says new study

However, the cost of increased security is oftentimes frustration and disengagement on the part of consumers.

E-commerce exploded in PH during pandemic, says credit card exec 

E-commerce dominated over other businesses during the entire pandemic period that began in March 2020, a top executive in the credit card industry said.

PH credit card industry taking a beating from pandemic lockdowns

Although the pandemic has paved the way for the rise of electronic payments, the lockdowns imposed by the government are taking a big toll on the local credit card industry.

INCOGNITO | Are credit card details sensitive personal information?

If credit card details sensitive personal information, where is it in the Data Privacy Act (DPA) — the country’s data protection law — does it say that?

Hike in ATM deployment seen as new fee charging model takes effect

Under the acquirer-based fee charging (ABFC), which took effect on Wednesday, April 7, banks can set the ATM fees they want to charge on cardholders of other banks who use their machines.

Cap on credit card charges takes effect; BSP issues FAQs

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) governor Benjamin E. Diokno reminded the public that the ceilings on interest rate, finance charges, and fees on all credit card transactions took effect on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Despite rise of cashless payment, PH credit card use down 27% in first half of 2020

The Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP) said the economic challenges has not only made card holders hesitant to apply for new credit cards but also made it more difficult for them to settle their credit card debt.

BSP sets 2% monthly interest cap on credit card charges

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has approved the setting of an annual interest rate ceiling of 24 percent on all credit card transactions effective November 3 this year.

Lazada, UnionBank unveil first e-commerce credit card in PH

With online transactions at an all-time high in the country, e-commerce site Lazada Philippines and local lender UnionBank have launched what is dubbed as the country’s first credit card optimized for e-commerce transactions.

First ?contactless? credit card in PH unveiled

The Citibank Visa payWave allows cardholders to simply wave their cards -- in close proximity -- of a Visa payWave reader present in a Citi merchant partner's store to pay for their goods.
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