Sunday, July 14, 2024
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digital tax

BIR imposes 1% withholding tax on online merchants

The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has announced that online merchants with earnings amounting to more than P500,000 annually are now subject to a 1-percent withholding tax.

Complexity of digital economy poses challenge for tax collection, says UP prof

The government is losing substantial revenue as it struggles to impose taxes on digital transactions and non-resident digital service providers amid the digital commerce boom, said a law expert at a webinar organized by state think tank Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS).

BIR stresses need for taxation in digital economy

BIR deputy commissioner Marissa Cabreros has stressed the need for taxation in the digital economy to level the playing field between traditional enterprises and digital businesses as the economy shifts from brick-and-mortar to virtual.

House bill imposing VAT on digital transactions, streaming passes final reading

The Department of Finance said the proposed law will level the playing field between digital and traditional businesses, especially those that cannot shift to the digital platform.

House passes bill imposing tax on digital transactions, subscription

Fans of online shopping and Netflix may soon find themselves shelling out more than the usual after the House of Representatives on Monday, Nov. 14, approved on third reading House Bill 4122 which imposes tax on digital transactions and subscriptions.

House OKs bill removing fee for telco use of Wi-Fi spectrum

The House of Representatives also passed on third and final reading House Bill 7425, which imposes value-added tax on digital transactions.

BIR exec says gov’t needs to craft policies, laws for digital taxation in PH

The government needs to adopt a well-thought-out strategy and policy package in taxing the digital economy, according to the deputy commissioner of BIR’s legal group.

Tax-related digitalization projects set for national roll-out

The Department of Finance (DOF) said on Wednesday, Jan. 27, that it expects the full nationwide implementation this year of several digitalization projects to improve tax administration in step with its goal of utilizing new technologies to boost tax compliance and fight corruption.

‘Cash-strapped’ PH gov’t moves to impose digital tax amid pandemic

Badly needing revenues to arrest the slide of the local economy, the government is moving to introduce tax on the digital economy, particularly on video-streaming companies and large online sellers.

Gov’t tax on online sellers ill-timed and insensitive, says solon

Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian has asked the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to defer its plan to impose taxes on small-time online sellers amid the Covid-19 pandemic, saying that the proposed taxation at the height of the economic and health crisis is ill-timed and insensitive.
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