Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Google rolls out Ads Transparency Center with release of 2022 Ads Safety Report

In 2022, Google blocked more than 24 million ads and over 300,000 pages were demonetized for promoting harmful health claims regarding Covid-19 and spread misinformation on a host of other topics.

7 tips for spotting fake news

Fact-checking is a basic skill that everyone should learn, Deunida is quick to point out, adding that there are some quick and easy ways to help spot fake news.

Twitter PH deploys anti-fake news team, suspends 300 accounts linked to Marcos Jr.

Twitter has deployed a specially trained team that includes Filipino language speakers and members well-versed in local contexts to identify malicious actors and review reports related to the May 9 elections.

Kiko asks Facebook to take down more poll manipulation accounts, pages

Vice-presidential candidate and senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan issued the appeal as Facebook's parent firm, Meta, took down hundreds of accounts and pages in the Philippines for engaging in various malicious and dangerous activities, thus, violating the social media site's policies.

Meta installs safety tools for women leaders, journos across social media platforms

The parent firm of Facebook said it is giving emphasis on protecting women as studies show that women in politics are disproportionately targeted for abuse and misinformation attacks on social media.

Ressa wants law penalizing social media that allow disinformation to spread

As to the fears that the legislation might trample on freedom of speech, Maria Ressa argued that it is the algorithm of the distribution channels that are seeking to be controlled and not the content.

Nobel laureate Ressa, tech execs to attend Senate hearing on disinformation

Journalist Maria Ressa, who sharply criticized US-based social media giants during her speech when she accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in December, will attend Wednesday's (January 12) Senate hearing on disinformation, Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan said over the weekend.
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