Saturday, April 20, 2024
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EcoWaste Coalition

Online sites urged to stop selling hazardous skin whitening products

On the eve of the “2.”2 online shopping sales, the toxics watchdog group EcoWaste Coalition reprimanded online shopping sites for their failure to rid their platforms of products containing hazardous substances such as mercury.

Online sale of fraudulent products containing mercury persists, watchdog says

The toxics watchdog group EcoWaste Coalition has deplored the continued sale by online merchants of unauthorized cosmetics contaminated with mercury, a perilous chemical banned in cosmetics such as skin lightening products.

E-shopping sites asked to reduce plastic use, packaging waste

Through an open letter, over 150 diverse groups called on online shopping sites to take concrete steps to cut their packaging footprint as the country and whole world grapple with increasing plastic waste and pollution crisis.

PH gov’t urged to forbid e-waste imports following Thai ban

Environmental health groups EcoWaste Coalition and Greenpeace have nudged the Philippine government to ban the importation of electronic waste, or e-waste, like what Thailand has recently done.
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