Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Elon Musk

DTI chief confirms PH first country in SE Asia where SpaceX will operate

SpaceX is currently establishing a local Filipino entity that will be their wholly-owned subsidiary and is targeting to deploy three gateways in the first phase of their launch.

PH gov’t, SpaceX execs meet in US to discuss plans to put up PH unit

The Philippine government had a series of follow-up online meetings with the company, immediately following the Senate ratification of the proposed amendments to the Public Service Act (PSA), allowing full foreign ownership for satellite Internet services in the country and not requiring legislative franchise for public services.

Converge ICT: Still ‘very premature’ to talk about tie-up with SpaceX

Addressing news stories of its reported partnership with SpaceX, listed broadband provider Converge ICT said on Monday, Feb. 15, that is still “very premature” to discuss a deal to become the local partner for the US aerospace firm’s Starlink satellite broadband project.

Converge ICT to make formal announcement on reported Starlink deal

Fiber broadband provider Converge ICT will make a formal announcement on Monday, Feb. 15, on the reported deal it has struck to become the local partner of SpaceX for its ambitious Starlink satellite broadband project.
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