Friday, June 14, 2024
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Survey: Half of Pinoys willing to exaggerate to obtain loan, insurance claims

A new study from analytics software firm Fico has revealed that almost half of Filipinos are willing to commit fraud to obtain a loan or file an insurance claim.

5-million Pinoys victims of identity theft, says new study

However, the cost of increased security is oftentimes frustration and disengagement on the part of consumers.

Survey: Complexity, cost of validating digital clients top pain points for PH banks

Analytics software firm Fico has released a new survey which found that the complexity and cost of validating the identity of digital banking customers are the top pain points for banks in the Philippines.

Survey: 73% of PH banks believe AI will stop money laundering

In the Philippines, 100 percent of banks said they will continue to invest in compliance in the year ahead and 41 percent plan to significantly increase this investment in 2021.

Survey shows Pinoys prefer biometrics over passwords for bank apps

A new study from analytics software firm Fico has found that Filipinos struggle to recall their current passwords and prefer biometrics, with 72 percent of them happy to provide this information to their bank.

Survey: Pinoys more comfortable opening bank accounts with smartphones than Americans, British

The study showed that digital account opening is rapidly becoming the norm in the Philippines, with 76 percent of consumers saying they would open some kind of financial account online.
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