Friday, June 14, 2024
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gender gap

Report: PH has widest employment gap in STEM between men & women in Asia Pacific

LinkedIn data found that women in the Philippines comprised 58.8% of the workforce in non-STEM fields but only 36.3% in the STEM workforce.

Report: Pinays in rural areas have limited access to digital jobs

The study also noted that the demand for IT-BPM-related onsite jobs remains low in rural areas and local talents had to move to another province to find jobs.

Study reveals gender gap in mobile Internet use is shrinking

Nevertheless, 234 million fewer women than men access mobile Internet.

More women in PH struggling with WFH set-up compared to men: study

Women, especially working mothers, are facing more significant obstacles under the current set-up compared to men, according to the LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021.

Study: Women in poor nations still lack access to mobile Internet

The gender gap in mobile Internet usage remains substantial, with over 300 million fewer women than men accessing the Internet from a mobile device in low- and middle-income countries.
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