Thursday, June 20, 2024
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google philippines

Google PH holds forum for LGBT members to share ‘coming-out’ stories

The panelists shared how being part of an online supportive community created a safe space not just for themselves for also for their followers who look up to them. 

Here are top searched terms in Google PH for 2023

Google ends the year once again by releasing the “Year In Search 2023”, its annual compilation of the top trending keywords and terms that Filipinos search for.

Google report: Pinoy consumers looking for identity, value, joy

The Think With Google: Year in Search 2022 is an annual study for marketers that aims to help them uncover audience insights and trends drawn from analyses based on billions of Google searches.

39,000 Pinoy jobseekers get Google Professional Certificate scholarships

Designed and taught by Google, the Google Professional Certificate courses delivered through Coursera aim to equip the country’s workforce with job-ready skills for high-growth technology fields. They are suitable for jobseekers with no technology related degrees or experience and can be finished in three to six months.

Google Hangouts finally shuts down

Google finally began shutting down its Hangouts messaging service, warning users to download their data to ensure that none of their messages and conversations are lost in the transition to Google Chat.

Google PH says tech will be safe space for LGBTQ+ community

Google Philippines held on Tuesday, June 21, its third annual Pride Conversations where a panel of LGBTQ+ representatives discussed how technology empowered them to build safe spaces for their community.

BLOG | Bridging the gap for inclusive education

There has never been a better time than now to reimagine learning.

Report: Digital adoption of PH firms could unlock trillions in economic value

Digital transformation of local businesses could create up to P5 trillion in annual economic value by 2030, according to a new report commissioned by Google Philippines.

Tech giants back DOH campaign to fight vaccine misinformation

The campaign was launched together with various tech companies — Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Twitter —pledging their support to help fight Covid-19 and vaccine misinformation online.

Kiko: Social media sites should takedown abusive behavior online

Facebook, for its part, said it has removed 5.4 million pieces of child nudity and sexual exploitation from their platform.
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