Sunday, July 14, 2024
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kiko pangilinan

Senate panel report says social media platforms should be liable for disinformation

The report also wants to amend the law on libel making the use of fake accounts or names in making libelous comments as proof of malice.

Kiko files libel complaint against YouTube channel of Marcos propagandist

This follows the two separate cyber libel complaints that Sen. Francis Pangilinan filed July 2021 against YouTube channels "Latest Chika" and "Starlet" for alleged false videos, which the popular online platform has since taken down.

Kiko: Tighter controls needed vs fake food orders, fake jobs

To reduce, if not eliminate, online hate speech and disinformation, former Supreme Court justice Antonio Carpio said online platforms, not the libeled public official, should assume the burden of proving malice.

Drilon wants social media platforms to reveal identity of trolls

Sen. Franklin Drilon said revealing the identity of Internet trolls could help establish a balance between the freedom of speech and the responsibility of the use of that freedom online.
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