Friday, June 14, 2024
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VMware debuts enhancements that capitalize on multi-cloud, Gen AI

At its annual launch event last August, virtualization software maker VMware highlighted the technologies and strategy it believes will enable businesses to get ahead: Generative artificial intelligence (AI) and a multi-cloud approach.

BLOG | Debunking ancient myths of multi-cloud deployment

Naysayers claim that running workloads across multiple clouds is expensive, complicated, and slow. They are wrong.

Most Asia Pacific firms lack strategic approach to multi-cloud: survey

With more control over visibility, costs, security, and the skills needed to support multi-cloud architectures, a strategic approach to cloud could fast-track business growth.

Oracle intros new service to streamline multi-cloud operations with Microsoft Azure

The service aims to help companies utilizing both Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure, set up a seamless and multi-cloud environment.

VMware preaches benefits of multi-cloud model at flagship confab

Virtualization purveyor VMware said the multi-cloud is now the model for digital businesses seeking to achieve rapid transformation.
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