Friday, June 14, 2024
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online banking

Hardware-based security is future of banking, says Utimaco

Banks and financial service institutions (FSIs) are responsible for protecting consumers' critical data to avoid economic and reputational loss in today's digital world. However, the existing infrastructures continue to evolve due to industry’s digitalization, and more consumers are now utilizing digital platforms for their daily transactions.

Maya Bank gains 1 million customers 5 months after launch

In five months, digital lender Maya Bank announced that has amassed one million customers and a total deposit balance of P10 billion.

BPI says bulk of transactions with clients now done online, mobile

BPI said that of the more than nine million clients as of June 2022, 5.2 million were enrolled in digital platforms.

Reports on suspicious online transactions up 57% from Jan to Aug: BSP

Suspicious transaction reports (STRs) submissions by electronic money issuers (EMIs) rose by 688 percent, while submissions by pawnshops and money service businesses (MSBs) increased by 51 percent.

Survey shows Pinoys prefer biometrics over passwords for bank apps

A new study from analytics software firm Fico has found that Filipinos struggle to recall their current passwords and prefer biometrics, with 72 percent of them happy to provide this information to their bank.

BPI expands digital financial solutions for businesses

BPI said online payments have become a more prominent part of business operations as it allows businesses to recover sales lost from physical stores by putting more focus on online sales channels.

Banks ask clients to utilize digital, online platforms

Banks are urging the general public to utilize digital and online platforms for their payment requirements and inquiries as the government implements community quarantine to address the rise of Covid-19 cases.

Bank transactions during the holidays? Here are 5 time-saving tips

December, with all its non-working days, is one of the busiest banking banking months of the year.

Why secure, hassle-free online bank transfers are priceless

Security, saved time, and convenience may not have actual price tags, but their value cannot be denied.
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