Sunday, July 14, 2024
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SC upholds conviction of online child pornographer

Sending a strong message that child pornography, among other forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, presents an acute danger worldwide if facilitated through the...

Converge blocks 350,000 websites, beefs up efforts to block illicit content

According to network data, Converge increased the sites it has blocked in 2022 by 150% from about 100,000 Web addresses restricted from its broadband network in 2021.

PLDT, Smart block 522,000 links related to child abuse

The PLDT Group’s membership in the UK-based Internet Watch Foundation and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection’s Project Arachnid has played a significant role in boosting the reach of its Child Protection Platform.

PLDT-Smart, Palo Alto block over 1 billion attempts to access child sexual abuse materials

PLDT-Smart worked with cybersecurity firm Palo Alto to produce a first-of-its kind child protection platform that prevents access to known child sexual abuse and exploitation materials.

Congress ratifies bicam report on bill against online sexual abuse of kids

The law would also hold accountable and liable telecom companies, media platforms and Internet services providers for their failure to block, remove, and take other proper actions to ensure the prosecution and conviction of the perpetrators.

Senate passes bill expanding protections for kids against online sexual abuse

The bill defines and penalizes online sexual abuse and exploitation of children (OSAEC) as a separate crime from those punished under current laws.

Hontiveros bares Facebook groups used by teens to trade sexual videos

Sen. Risa Hontiveros has flagged Facebook groups that are used by teenagers to sell sexual videos and images online to fund expenses in online learning.

Kiko: Social media sites should takedown abusive behavior online

Facebook, for its part, said it has removed 5.4 million pieces of child nudity and sexual exploitation from their platform.

Hontiveros files bill against online sexual exploitation of children

According to the International Justice Mission, 86% of online sexual exploitation of children victims are female while 14% are male.
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