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PCC favors motorcycles as public transport, ‘multi-homing’ approach

The Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) on Friday, January 24, officially threw its support behind the use of motorcycle (MC) taxis as a mode of public transportation and the adoption of a “multi-homing” policy to allow drivers to choose which platform to offer their services.

In landmark ruling, PCC says condo firms can’t impose single Internet provider

Marking the closure of the first abuse of dominance case in the country, the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC) has disallowed the exclusive deal between Urban Deca Homes and its in-house Internet service provider (ISP) “Fiber to Deca Homes”. The condo firm must also pay a fine of P27.11 million within 30 days.

PCC files case against condo firm for allowing only one Internet provider

The exclusive deal between Urban Deca Homes Manila and Itech Rar Solutions was the first abuse of market dominance case filed before the PCC in violation of the Philippine Competition Act which prohibits abuses of dominant position and other anti-competitive practices in the market.

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