Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Philippine Internet

Roberto Verzola, PH Internet pioneer and activist, dies at 67

Roberto “Obet” Verzola, an electronics and communications engineering graduate of UP, seized the potential of information technology, primarily email, and used it for the benefit of the public and progressive Filipino advocacy groups whose values he shared.

Amid coronavirus lockdown, PH Internet marks 26th year

Today is the 26th anniversary of the Philippine Internet! We look back at the laws that have shaped the local ICT space since 1994.

Benjie Tan, Pinoy engineer who connected PH to Internet, dies at 60

Benjamin “Benjie” Tan, the Filipino engineer who installed and switched on the Cisco router that allowed the Philippines to connect to the Internet for the first time 25 years ago, has died.

Jim Ayson, local Internet pioneer and digital auteur, passes away at 53

Filipino tech pioneer Jim Ayson, who chronicled the country’s advent into the PC age until the introduction of the Internet and eventually the boom of social media, has died due to heart attack. He was 53.
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