Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Counterfeits seized in 2023 reach record-high at near P27-B mark

The total intellectual property (IP) infringing goods seized in January to December last year reached an estimated market value of P26.86 billion, surpassing the previous record of P24.90 billion registered in 2021.

Counterfeiting, piracy complaints at IPOPHL drop in H1 of 2022

The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) said the top source for intellectual property violations was the online space, particularly on Facebook, other websites, Shopee, Instagram, and Lazada.

Content producers ask PH gov’t to block illegal streaming websites

42% of the intellectual property rights violations in the country from March to June 2020 were piracy activities, including illegal streaming and illegal reproduction of copyrighted content.

OMB keeping tabs on sale of pirated software in e-commerce apps

From January to June this year, the OMB seized 11,941 pieces of storage device, 100,257 pieces of blank discs, and 54,338 pieces of pirated DVDs.

Piracy tops intellectual property violations during lockdown

Aside from illegal streaming and illegal reproduction of copyrighted content such as movies and anime, IPOPHL said there has been an increase in intellectual property violations for e-books with the rise of distance learning.

Survey: Pinoys most voracious users of pirated content in SE Asia

The survey also revealed an alarming trend -- many of the people streaming pirated content are young.

ABS-CBN files lawsuits against 2 content pirates in US

The lawsuits allege that the suspects engaged in a multi-state scheme to sell pirated set-top boxes to the unsuspecting public.

PH removed from EU’s priority counterfeit watchlist

The Philippines is no longer in the priority watchlist of European Union (EU) in terms of threat to its intellectual property rights (IPR), a biennial report of the European Commission showed.

Survey: 64% of PH businesses using illegal software

More than half of corporations in the Philippines are still using unlicensed software in their business operations, according to the latest BSA Global Software Survey in 2018.

OMB wants law amended to cover Internet-based content

During its recent budget hearing at the Senate, OMB chief Anselmo Adriano said the agency is a storage-based regulatory office and is powerless when it comes to piracy committed over the Internet.
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