Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Pinoy gamer leads surge in P2E gaming in PH

Singaporean gaming company Affyn held a soft launch of its mobile brawler game, Buddy Arena, in the Philippines over other markets. Affyn utilizes both P2E and P&E elements for its mobile game.

Yassi Pressman lends starpower for new play-to-earn platform in PH

Actress Yassi Pressman has announced she is gearing up to launch a new play-to-earn platform in the Philippines, having been inspired to venture into the tech world by Players Elite Guild (PEG), a community she founded that introduces cryptocurrency to Filipino gamers.

Play-to-earn game ‘Mighty Catcher’ offers new rewards in exclusive missions

Mighty Catcher assures subscribers they can win back the cost of the subscription in about two to three weeks through the daily missions.

Struggling mother of 3 goes on play-to-earn journey to achieve financial stability

Filipino-led gaming guild Yield Guild Games (YGG) is riding on the play-to-earn gaming phenomenon in the Philippines to help the underprivileged weather the dire economic landscape.
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