Friday, June 14, 2024
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E-commerce sites told to make senior, PWD discount ‘easy and obvious’ to avail

A senior citizen party-list group in Congress has called on online shopping sites to make the availment of senior and PWDs discount be user-friendly and obvious on their online portals and apps.

BIR: Senior citizens, PWD discounts mandatory for online transactions

The BIR also stated that the signature of the SC/PWD is not required if the qualified purchase was made online or through mobile applications. However, the SC/PWD identification card number should still be provided.

Microsoft enabler program helped 350 Pinoy PWDs get employed

For the past three years, the Microsoft Enabler Program has successfully provided employment opportunities at eight partner organizations, namely: Cognizant Technology Solutions, Crayon, ePLDT, HCL Technologies, Lumify Group, Nexus Tech, NTT Data, and Wipro.

Joint circular adds 5% discount for seniors, PWDs on purchases online or via phone

Under the 5% discount, which is distinct from the 20% regular discount, allows senior citizens and PWDs to have a maximum purchase amount of P1,300 a week for both online and offline transactions, without carryover of the unused amount.

Accenture PH opens pioneering facility for PWD employees

Technology outsourcing giant Accenture has launched in the Philippines an office facility for PWD employees – a first for the company’s global operations.

Cebu-based PWD group wins award for adaptive sports program

For its efforts to enable persons with disability (PWDs) to develop as independent, integrated, and empowered citizens, the Philippine Accessible Disability Services (PADS) received an award from wireless operator Smart Communications.
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