Oracle seeds next-gen cloud infrastructure

Software titan Oracle has announced that Oracle Exadata Cloud is now available on Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure.


Oracle Exadata, dubbed as the highest performing on-premises and public cloud database platform, teams up with Oracle Cloud’s unique bare metal compute and storage services to delivers a combination of performance and availability for the entire application stack.

The integrated and fully programmable cloud services enhance all stages of application development and deployment through faster connectivity, provisioning, processing, and database access with unmatched technology.

“Oracle’s next-generation cloud infrastructure is optimized for enterprise workloads and now supports Oracle Exadata, the most powerful database platform,” said Kash Iftikhar, vice president of product management at Oracle.

“With the power of Oracle Exadata, customers using our infrastructure are able to bring applications to the cloud never previously possible, without the cost of re-architecture, and achieve incredible performance throughout the stack. From front-end application servers to database and storage, we are optimizing our customers’ most critical applications.”

High-demand applications such as real-time targeting, analytics, and personalization are now capable to run in the cloud in extreme performance with the increased levels of speed and availability. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers self-provisioning of multiple bare metal servers in less than five minutes; block storage that linearly scales by 60 IOPS per GB; and now Oracle Exadata Cloud on the same low latency Virtual Cloud Networks.

In addition, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers complete compatibility with Oracle Databases deployed on-premises, helping ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, and an efficient hybrid cloud strategy.

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