AP Cargo future-proofs tech backbone with Ramco software

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Local express logistics provider AP Cargo recently announced that their new cloud-based Logistics ERP suite powered by Ramco Systems is already live.

Photo shows AP Cargo and Ramco executives during the press briefing

Ramco Systems will provide software for the company’s Transport Management System, Fleet Maintenance System, Supply Chain Management, Finance Management, and Human Capital Management modules.

According to AP Cargo president and CEO Virgilio Villacorte, Ramco has future-proofed their company’s tech backbone and went the extra mile in testing the application rigorously to ensure seamless adoption. When asked about his expectations following the partnership, Villacorte replied that he is expecting a double-digit growth by Q4 in 2020.

“Given that the Philippines’ logistic sector is on a growth trajectory, there was an urgent need for us to adopt IT solutions to accelerate operational competence and infrastructure,” said Villacorte.

Meanwhile, Ramco Group chairman P.R. Venketrama Raja shared that their customers’ legacy service delivery systems are both augmented and completely changed from the ground up, depending on the areas where it matters. With the timetable for adoption shortened, Raja said that the results can easily be evident in a span of a few months, where return of investment follows.

“Ramco entered the Philippine market in 2016 and since then has seen outstanding growth with many new project wins. Our Logistics ERP suite has helped many leading logistics companies in the Philippines by providing them with a competitive advantage in the now continuously growing and competitive logistics sector. Our partnership and go-live with AP Cargo has marked another milestone for us as we strive to strategically position ourselves as one of the leading ERP players in the country,” he explained.

Raja also mentioned that Ramco’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can also be beneficial for the e-commerce industry, especially their machine learning and artificial intelligence-backed solutions that include Zero UI and Anticipatory Computing. This is why the latest model-based architecture can also seamlessly run in smartphones. Raja added that aside from real-time convenience, smartphone-compatible platforms are now becoming a trend and differs a little from the PC version.

The Zero UI comprises of three key elements: chatbots, Voice UI, calendar integration. “CHIA,” Ramco’s chatbot, is designed to address and resolve simple problems that take up man-hours from the company. Voice UI is basically Google Assistant or Alexa, but with payslip and leave balance access, purchasing request raising, and time sheet booking functionality. Calendar Integration, meanwhile, is more work schedule oriented.

“Apart from providing us with a one-stop logistics solution, Ramco Logistics Software has also effectively blended with our in-house systems for hub operations. It has transformed into a technology enabled organization, making us a preferred express logistics company in the Philippines,” stated AP Cargo deputy CEO and project manager Randi Lorica.

For Ramco Systems, the collaboration is poised to be a successful use case beneficial to them, a sort of testimonial that can catch the eye of other players. For AP Cargo, who used to do processes manually, the systems will determine how much they grow, especially when backed by machine learning and AI capabilities.

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