Friday, June 14, 2024

Google puts Ayala Museum’s diorama collection online

Google and Ayala Museum has announced that everyone in the world can now view selected dioramas of the museum’s popular “The Diorama Experience” exhibition online with a few simple mouse clicks.

Ayala Museum is joining the Art Project, a global partnership between Google and 151 cultural institutions in 40 countries that aims to make artwork accessible to anyone anywhere anytime. More than 30,000 images of artworks can be viewed online in high resolution.

Ayala Museum will be submitting photographs of 30 out of its 60 dioramas, which depict significant moments in Philippine history.

According to Mariles L Gustilo, senior director for arts and culture at Ayala Museum, ?We’re really excited to be part of the Google Art Project. It is a great way to bring the richness of Philippine history and art to the world, no matter how far and what time of day.”

According to Google?s Nelson Mattos, VP for engineering: ?Google is committed to bringing all types of culture online and making it accessible. The Art Project demonstrates how the Internet helps spread knowledge.?

The Art Project has expanded dramatically since it first launched in February 2011 with 1,000 online images. In addition to its new total of 30,000 images, the Art Project now includes a wider range of cultural institutions: large and small, traditional art museums as well as less traditional settings for great art.


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