P&G taps 3D tech for laundry product

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[/caption][caption id="attachment_2708" align="alignright" width="150" caption="A stain in a cloth as magnified 2,000 times"][/caption] In a recent press briefing at its corporate headquarters in Makati City, company officials showed 3D-enabled video and scientific photos to illustrate for the first time the deep cleaning technology of its cleaning detergent Ariel Stainlift. Using 3D technology, P&G revealed that clothing consists of not just one but multiple layers of fibers and that dirt and stains penetrate deep into these layers, making them even tougher to remove from clothes. P&G scientists used 3D tools and techniques to go beyond the surface of fabrics and deep inside the complex fiber network to understand deep-seated dirt and stains. Stains can go very deep into the fiber network and using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), P&G was able to magnify clothing fibers 2,000 times to see how deep stains go. This tool revealed that stains are still present and deeply settled within the core of the fibers. Stains also go deep inside fabrics very fast and with another 3D technique called Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), P&G was able to observe the unique characteristics of various stains as they penetrate into multiple layers. With knowledge gained from 3D technology, P&G developed the new Ariel Stainlift with deep cleaning formula that removes dirt and stains from deep within. It delivers this through a 3-step Deep Cleaning process. First, Ariel polishes the clothing fibers. Second, Ariel reduced the negative charge of its cleaning agent particles to reduce repulsion and enable it to penetrate deeper. Generally, cleaning agent particles usually have a highly negative charge, which creates a natural repulsion between the agent and the fibers, which are also negatively charged. Third, it extracts the dirt and stains from the deep fiber layers to give a 3D deep clean in, out and in-between. ?Unlike other laundry detergents, Ariel?s 3-step deep cleaning process allows it to remove stains even from the third layer,? the company concluded. ]]>

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