Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Shore Solutions snaps up Rainmaker Asia

BPO firm Shore Solutions announced that it has acquired 100-percent of Rainmaker Asia.

The acquisition will see Shore Solutions own and manage the Rainmaker Asia group based in Manila. No financial details were divulged.

According to Shore Solutions Managing Director for Corporate Services Darcy Lalonde, streamlining the management and governance of the two companies will create a bigger and more efficient company and focused service offering.

?Integrating these two businesses provides a huge upside that leverages on the Philippines as the best market in the world to provide world class BPO, call center and IT services,? Lalonde said.

?The synergy really positions us to be a stronger force, allowing specific industry know-how, positioning, financial leveraging and optimization,? he said.

Jonathan Smith, managing director for operations and a pioneer in outsourcing who started Shore in 2005, added that the acquisition will now allow the company to be more focused on a client-centric model, reducing the layers between working teams, shifting, and consolidating groups and creating a highly dynamic and operationally driven organization.

?Combining each of the company?s distinct capabilities would mean being able to provide the best service there is ? but with a difference,? Smith said.

?While we have grown to a larger scale with the acquisition, our client focus and operational excellence remain our clear differentiators. And we are able to deliver with better governance and organizational efficiencies while meeting the specific needs of our clients.?

Established in 2005, Shore Solutions started as an advisory consulting business, eventually evolving to delivering of BPO and call center services in 2010 to global companies.

Today, the combined Shore group will have four sites with more than 1500 seats specializing in servicing operations for companies in Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, Canada and the US.

The addition of Rainmaker Asia has added customers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local Philippine-based conglomerates, which were supported by 800-plus reps from their core site in the Greenfield District, Shaw Boulevard since 1999.

Lalonde said that Shore Solutions is planning to grow to more than 2,000 employees this year, focusing on their key markets in Australia, the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and United Kingdom.

The past decade has shown how the Philippines has established itself as one of the top destinations globally for BPO services.

The latest annual ranking of the top 100 global outsourcing destinations by services globalization and investment advisory firm Tholons, places Manila (NCR) in the number three slot, following Indian cities Bangalore and Mumbai.

The report also said that the Philippines enjoys a more vibrant IT-BPO industry than either Indonesia or Malaysia.

Lalonde said that the acquisition of Rainmaker continues to add more to the already robust local BPO industry.

?While we are not as big a BPO as some others, we will be more ?hands-on? and focused in partnering with our clients, delivering more dynamic value-added services that will satisfy their needs,? he said.

UPDATE: This story has been updated to correct an earlier version which identified Shore Solutions as being headquartered in Australia. While it is true that most of its clients are in Australia, its main hubs are now in the Philippines.


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