Monday, May 27, 2024

Smart sees an ?auto? mobile future for LTE

Following the announcement of US mobile operator AT&T that it will soon offer built-in LTE connectivity in private vehicles, local carrier Smart Communications said a similar application of the technology is already possible locally through the use of the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi device.


According to Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Lloyd Manaloto, ?auto? mobile LTE can already be experienced in major cities and municipalities given Smart LTE?s widespread deployment in the country.

?The way ?auto? mobile LTE works is that LTE-enabled SIMs are installed in taxis, buses, jeepneys, or trains, thus, making available wireless services to passengers and even to the vehicle itself,? said Manaloto.

?While we await for the local introduction of this feature, the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi is the next best thing,? he added.

Manaloto explains that automobile LTE would also be ideal in local public transport as it could make available next-generation high speed Internet access to millions of Filipinos.

The MRT alone, which travels along Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue (Edsa), the Philippines? busiest thoroughfare, has a daily ridership of around 500,000.

Apart from this, various forms of mass transportation will also be given the chance to access GPS and location data in real time as well as gain the ability to transmit data such as when wirelessly livestreaming CCTV footage.

Smart LTE is currently present in a total of 46 cities and 69 municipalities around the country.

Smart LTE is being offered on an unlimited basis in Broadband Plans 1299, 1749, and 3500 with a free USB-dongle or with a Pocket WiFi device for a one-time fee of P2,000, and on Smart LTE Postpaid Plan 2000 or 1500 with a free Sony Xperia V or ZTE T82 Android smartphone, respectively.

Smart also offers unlimited LTE connectivity to iPhone 5 postpaid plan subscribers.


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