Friday, March 1, 2024

Epson ties up with Pinoy software firm for Web-based POS system

Japanese tech giant Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) has collaborated with Jimac Inc., a Filipino-owned software company, to create a Web-based point-of-sale (POS) system.

The pilot project — called the Jimac TM-i Flex System — was put into service at the Hainanese Delight restaurant in SM Baliuag.

The project features a simple solution to a common concern — complicated printing programs requiring installing additional print servers when printing receipts from a Web application.

The pilot installation demonstrated how retailers can process orders using smart devices or Android-based devices, while providing stores the ability to transmit end-of-day reports to their headquarters via network. The reports can be sent in two ways: Web and SMS.

Another benefit of the set-up is back-end management done through the Web. Overall, retailers will be better equipped and will have more intuitive interface and multi-platform use with less clutter in countertop, the company said.

Integral to the Jimac TM-i Flex System is Epson?s latest in Web and mobile POS solution from the premium TM-i series — the Epson TM-T70i POS printer.

The Epson TM-T70i POS printer

Epson developed a new solution, ePOS-Print, which enables direct printing from Web applications without changing the printer settings and no print driver is required.

PC-free functionality is easy through TMNet WebConfig, all in a completely platform-independent environment.

The Epson TM-T88Vi and Epson TM-T70i can also control additional Epson TM printers (e.g. for applications like order entry or kitchen printer) and cash drawers.

Epson?s new ePOS print technology in the TM-i series enables users to print receipts, tickets, and coupons at the point-of-sale or in back office and kitchen environments from any device running an HTML5-compatible Web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and the standard Android browser.

Receipts and other necessary information are printed through Web applications using XML. The Epson TM-i intelligent receipt printers address the use of new technologies for more diverse applications in the retail segment.

?From shopping, Internet banking, and online trading, a vast range of Web services has emerged in recent years. Mobile technologies are being deployed in record numbers at lightning speed across a wide range of businesses — all of which need more flexible printing capabilities,? said Thea Austria, EPC product manager for POS printers.

Austria said Web services have also spread into in-store systems used by establishments in the retail and F&B segments, where systems based on Web applications are being built to work with smartphones and tablet PCs.

?A major advantage of Web-based point-of-sale (POS) systems is that they can be set up much faster and at significantly less expense than traditional POS systems because there is no need to install applications on each terminal,? he said.

?Another advantage as far as system users are concerned is that Web-based POS systems require only a relatively small investment,? she added.

Easily implemented in hospitality environments such as restaurants and bars where tablets are used for taking and transmitting orders, the TM-i series printers are also ideal for retail stores using mobile sale capture devices to cut down long customer queue lines.

The TM-i printers can also act as mini-servers, delivering a software interface to smartphones and tablets that allows multiple item selection for transactions and printing.

As no PCs, servers or drivers are necessary for the TM-T70i to operate, businesses can also significantly reduce power consumption with less equipment online.

?As more businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors employ cloud-based solutions because of the lower cost and quick and easy deployment, their printing systems need to be cloud compatible. Epson?s TM-i intelligent printer series is not only a solution but also enhances the benefits that cloud-based systems bring,? said EPC Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka.


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