Monday, May 27, 2024

With ‘Liquid Apps’, NSN seeks to alter concept of mobile base station

By Jose Rocina

Despite its reported financial struggle, network equipment maker Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) is banking on its bold vision to redefine the landscape of the mobile network industry.

It aims to do this by turning the base station into an intelligent part of a mobile operator?s network to deliver local content rather than just function as a rundown “bit-pipe”.

According to NSN, the base station will no longer be a place where any type of content and data can only be stored. Rather, the new system will now take advantage of knowing where and why people are using their smartphones and tablets.

?By placing useful information at the finger tips of their networks, at the crossroads where people connect, operators can now deliver a far better and efficient service and increase the efficiency of their networks,? the company said.

This innovation, the network gear maker said, is called ?Liquid Applications?. It basically allows application data to flow across networks to base stations where it can be delivered immediately to local subscribers, it explained.

For instance, the information about the area surrounding the base station such as those used in augmented reality applications or news and video content that is trending across an operator?s network, can be placed at the base station for instant local access to connected services.

NSN said the Liquid Applications are made possible by the company?s new Radio Applications Cloud Server (RACS). Said to be the first in the industry, the RACS enables localized processing, content storage, and access to real-time radio and network information in the base station.

By turning base stations into local hubs for service creation and delivery, NSN said Liquid Applications can help operators offer a service experience that is local and personal.

?It works together with existing charging, messaging and location-based services and is considered part of Nokia Siemens Networks? Liquid Broadband and portfolio,? it noted.

According to Marc Rouanne, head of mobile broadband at NSN, ?Liquid Applications redefine the role of the base station and will transform the mobile broadband experience. Its beauty is in the simplicity of using information that has always been there in the network, to fundamentally change the definition of personalized service and shatter forever the perception of the network as just a ‘bit-pipe’?.

The company said Liquid Applications is a key component of its Liquid Broadband portfolio, which also comprises end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) Differentiation and operator Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Liquid Broadband, it said, provides capabilities to deliver personalized services to subscribers. End-to-end QoS Differentiation enables operators to prioritize mobile broadband traffic and fine-tune services according to user profiles and applications.

With the operator CDN, operators can allocate network resources required to control the delivery of content right down to the user device. This ensures that the content is delivered with the right priority, in the right format, and at the right time, said NSN.

As to questions on its compatibility with existing systems that may result in glitches and bog-downs, the tech firm said its global services expertise ensure excellent network performance and experience by helping implement, integrate and optimize all three key components of the Liquid Broadband Solutions.


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